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Oaty Banana Breakfast Muffins
These are one of my favourite breakfast muffin recipes. Made with oat flour, bananas and honey they really are the perfect way to start your day! The best part is you can add what ever flavour you want. I love to add blueberries or chocolate chips. If you cant eat oats feel free to swap […]
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No Grain Chocolate Granola
Homemade granola has become one of my favourite things to make.  I love oats and my tummy loves them too but I know so many people who just can’t stomach them so decided to make a granola without them – this recipe can also be made nut free just sub the sliced almonds with hemp […]
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Hempy Granola
After a bit of research I’ve come up with a delicious granola recipe which has no refined sugar or oil! I feel like nothing compares to making your own granola in taste and in this case the nutritional value. This recipe used Tahini and dates to create the clusters which we all know is the […]
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Sweet Corn Fritters
These sweet corn fritters are a super easy, nutrient packed breakfast option. Packed with lots of vegetables and nutrients to start the day! Sweet corn fritters have always been a family favourite and I remember coming home to freshly cooked fritters after school. If you’re a coriander hater (I don’t get that I love coriander) […]
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Sourdough Crumpets
If you have a sourdough starter this is such an easy and fun use for it! Only 4 ingredients and takes only 5 minutes. I’ve been looking for other ways to use my starter for a while now and came across crumpets and they are so delicious. During lockdown so many people I know starting […]
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Golden Crepes
If you can’t tell by now I’m a wee bit obsessed with breakfast. I think having an amazing breakfast sets me up for an amazing day. Have you ever thought of adding turmeric to your breakfast? This is the perfect way! They are so simple and so delicious. I served mine with stewed apple with […]
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