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Apple Pie Pancakes
For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted pancakes every Sunday. I used to make them up from scratch when I was younger which meant it was a 50/50 shot if they were going to be edible. I think I’ve come along with the pancake making because these Apple Pie Pancakes are seriously tasty! […]
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Chocolate Protein Pancakes with Chocolate Maple Sauce
I’ve noticed during lockdown that pretty much all I eat for breakfast is pancakes, porridge or granola.. I’m definitely a sweet breakfast person so these chocolate pancakes really hit the spot! Plus the chocolate maple drizzle is insanely delicious. They only take around 10 minutes to prepare and are super high in protein which leave […]
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Sourdough Crumpets
If you have a sourdough starter this is such an easy and fun use for it! Only 4 ingredients and takes only 5 minutes. I’ve been looking for other ways to use my starter for a while now and came across crumpets and they are so delicious. During lockdown so many people I know starting […]
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Golden Crepes
If you can’t tell by now I’m a wee bit obsessed with breakfast. I think having an amazing breakfast sets me up for an amazing day. Have you ever thought of adding turmeric to your breakfast? This is the perfect way! They are so simple and so delicious. I served mine with stewed apple with […]
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