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Chocolate Protein Pancakes with Chocolate Maple Sauce

I’ve noticed during lockdown that pretty much all I eat for breakfast is pancakes, porridge or granola.. I’m definitely a sweet breakfast person so these chocolate pancakes really hit the spot! Plus the chocolate maple drizzle is insanely delicious.

They only take around 10 minutes to prepare and are super high in protein which leave you full for hours. You can either use oat flour by blending up whole oats or buckwheat flour which I always love to use in pancakes they create such a yummy flavour and texture. Enjoy and remember to tag me @healthykelsii on social media.

Serves: 2

Minutes: 20


1 cup oat flour or buckwheat flour for GF

1 tsp baking powder

1 scoop of your favourite chocolate protein powder

1 heaped tsp cacao

1 tbsp flax meal (or chia seeds)

1 cup plant milk (might need a little extra if your mixture is too thick)

1 banana

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar



Add the flour, protein powder, cacao and baking powder to a bowling mix through.

In a seperate bowl mash the banana then add the milk, flax meal and apple cider vinegar.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix lightly until it forms a batter (you may need to add more milk depending on the consistency you want)

In a hot pan add some coconut oil and cook until bubbling on one side. Leave the cooked pancakes in the oven on low until all of them are ready.

To make the chocolate maple drizzle add 1 heaped tsp of cacao with 2 tbsp of maple syrup and mix through. Add around 1-2 tbsp of water then drizzle on top of your pancakes with your favourite fruit.

Have fun and enjoy

Kelsi xx

0/5 (0 Reviews)