The Healthy Kelsi Cookbook is now available!


For me, being healthy isn’t about being on some fancy diet, but more about nourishing your body and fuelling it with a variety of colourful, whole, plant-based foods.

It wasn’t even that long ago that I decided to switch to a predominantly whole food plant based diet, due to developing some digestive issues. Since changing my diet I’ve never felt better. My approach to food has changed over time and I’m sure it will continue to do so. However, my philosophy is quite simple.
‘Eat colourful foods in their natural form and try not to think too much about it.’

In this book I’ve created a rainbow of vibrant salads, smoothie goodness and nourishing dinners, finished off with moreish treats and desserts. I’ve drawn on culinary inspiration from my adventurous lifestyle – infusing my recipes with the flavours and cooking methods of Indonesia, Italy and Japan, as well as Fiji, where I spent part of my childhood. Including a dedicated section that covers staple ingredients, substitutes for those who are gluten- or nut-free and understanding your food sources. Along with a bunch of travel, lifestyle and surfing photos.

I really do hope this book can change your life. I want to inspire you with not only amazing images but seriously delicious food that makes you feel your best.

Kelsi x