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Natural Skin and Beauty Products I love

Ever since I was little my mum always tried to find the most natural products for our home whether it was cleaning, skin or beauty. Now as an adult I try to do the same. I always like to try new products because I think it’s good for your body and skin to be exposed to new things. So I thought I’d share some of my favourites.

My top few ingredients to avoid completely would be Phthalates, Isothiazolinones, aluminum, DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine), and TEA (triethanolamine) and fragrance, which is often a mixture of scented ingredients that can disrupt the body’s hormone system. There are so many ingredients to avoid and its often hard to remember them all so my number one rule when buying any products that might be going on my skin is if I don’t understand a word on the ingredient list then it’s probably not going to be good for me. (same goes with food products)

However, you don’t want to be crazy about it or it starts to get a bit overwhelming so when it comes to beauty essentials I use every day like moisturizer, deodorant and toothpaste is where I try to focus fully on non-toxic goods. EWG is an awesome app that tells you on a scale if your product is toxic, the lower number the better (however not all NZ and AUS brands are on the app yet.)

Face and Body

I probably only wear makeup a few times year (mainly because I genuinely can’t be bothered lol) but when I do I love the brand Juice Beauty, its organic, antioxidant rich their base ingredients are aloe, jojoba, grape seed, shea, infused with citrus juices which deliver highly effective, clinically validated results. You can check out their products here and at

My favorite moisturisers have to be Only Good, which is an NZ company that only uses 100% natural ingredients and you can buy it from most supermarkets or online

Grown Alchemist which is a nontoxic Australian brand and the once a week occasion where I actually use product to wash my face I love their gentle gel face cleanser. You can buy this at


At the moment I’m using Ethique purple shampoo and their conditioner and love their no plastic approach is another one of my favourite hair product brands (they also have a really nice eye cream) and this you can also buy from most local supermarkets.

I’ve also been trying to only wash my hair once a week and saw this awesome trick online to dry your roots with a hair dryer straight after exercise and then put dry shampoo in and its seriously life changing. Plus, I love a good coconut oil hair mask every few weeks.

Soap has always been a family favourite for soaps and cleaners. I also just started using their Organic Hair Crème and dry shampoo which I absolutely love and is made up of organic cococnit oil which gives my hair alot of shine and stenth as well as organic jojoba and organic hemp oil which is amazing for keeping your hair soft and moisturised. A lot of boutique shops have all-natural soaps which I love to stock up on. I buy most of my half soap and body wash products from


I’m still testing out all of the natural deodorants but the best I’ve tried so far (that actually works) is oh goodness which I found in a no plastic grocery store in Palmerston North. I now buy it online at

My favourite deodorant has got to be Aotearoad. They’re also plastic free and I love the smell of their lavender flavour natural deodorant stick.


I think toothpaste is one of the most important products to buy in a more natural form as a lot of toothpastes have harmful ingredients like fluoride, calcium chloride and triclosan.

My favourite brands are Grin, Eco Store and Red Seal. I always seem to find natural ones at the super market or the organic shop!


I find often with beauty and skin products less is more and if there’s a product that I absolutely love but it doesn’t have the most natural ingredients I just try to use it less often.

Kelsi xx