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Where to Eat in Queenstown, NZ

I’ve been coming to Queenstown at least once a year for my entire life. I grew up with a house down here, which meant we had some pretty epic family holidays. This year we decided to do a big South Island road trip – I wrote blog post about that if you wanted to check that out

Our house is walking distance from town which is perfect for popping into town at any time of the day. This winter specifically in Queenstown was a little quitter than usual – due to the whole pandemic thing but it seemed that most local cafes, restaurants and bars were still reasonably packed. The funny thing is my three-week holiday turned into a six-week trip… Auckland got a second wave of corona virus just as I was meant to be heading home which meant my flights kept getting canceled. I’m definitely not complaining about it, I ended up skiing more days then I had the past 5 years combined. Queenstown is really versatile when it comes to cuisine and plant-based options. In this post i’ve included the best coffee shops, cafes, eateries and restaurants the town has to offer. 


Breakfast / Brunch

  • Franks Eatery – This could be my new favourite cafe in Queenstown. It’s slightly out of town, close to the airport in Frankton under the Ramada. We went there at least three times. My whole family was obsessed with the Aunt Bird and I couldn’t go past the peanut butter porridge.
  • Vudu / Bespoke Kitchen – Owned by the same people, both of these cafes are absolutely delicious. They have a massive range of cabinet food including raw treats, slices and salads. As well as having the most amazing banoffee inspired breakfast.
  • Halo – I’ve been visiting Halo for as long as I can remember. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner and having a whole plant based menu It’s always been a family favourite ( we order the coconut corn fritters every time)
  • Yonder – Another great pancake spot! I don’t drink coffee but apparently their coffee is also amazing.
  • The Boathouse – This is an amazing spot on the water front as you’re driving into Queenstown from the Airport.
Where to Eat in Queenstown, NZ
Where to Eat in Queenstown, NZ
Where to Eat in Queenstown, NZ


  • Blue Kanu – not a massive range of plant based options but the food is absolutely delicious. It’s very unique as they mix both Pacifica and Asian style, together.
  • Botswana Butchery – they were lacking on vegan options but the risotto was delicious
  • Paddy Gaddy – I’m a sucker for Asian fusion and they’re actually a sister restaurant to one of our favourite places up north, Cheek and Chong.
  • Ferg Burger – Ferg Burger is tasty. However, I would say it’s a little over rated. If you’re going to get it I would recommend ordering in advance so you don’t have to wait in massive queues.
  • Devil Burger – Very similar to Ferg Burger but less queues. They have really delicious vegetable wraps.
  • Hawker & Roll – Their Jackfruit hawker rolls are so delicious. Perfect for a quick lunch.
  • Gibbston Tavern – In the middle of the Gibbston wineries Gibbston tavern is a really cool spot for lunch. They have the most delicious Vegan Pizzas!
  • Hikari Sushi Bar – My favourite sushi spot in Queenstown. I had the best bento box of life.
  • Amisfield – We did the three course lunch here and they had delicious vegan options. Some seriously tasty food as well as amazing wine and atmosphere.
  • Rata – We had my birthday dinner here and again they had a whole vegan menu. The mushroom ravioli was incredible. I had the pain dépices with poached rhubarb and soy ginger ice cream for dessert and it was probably the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had.

Sweet Treats

  • Cookie Time Bar – Obviously this is a must visit if you’re in Queenstown – a little overrated but they do have delicious warm cookies!
  • Mrs Ferg Gelateria – Extremely good gelato as well as lots of sorbets for dairy free options.
  • Patagonia Chocolates – Definitely worth stopping off to get an after dinner sweet treat. I love their dark chocolate truffles.
  • Balls and Bangles – From Nutella filled donuts to hot falafel bagels. If you’re a donut or bagel lover then this is the place for you.

Hope you enjoy all of these delicious restaurants and eateries! It’s pretty cool to be able to support small NZ business’s during such a crazy time x